Teaching online
is hard.
But it doesn't
have to be.

Teach It Online Now can help make it easier.
And better.

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What's so different about teaching online?


Well, just about everything. 

From keeping students focused and engaged, to creating important connections and relationships, to adapting formative assessment practices—nearly everything about online teaching is different.

Make teaching online easier (and better).


To help you be more effective online teachers and instructors, we want to introduce you to Teach It Online Now (TION). This new, on-demand course is designed to help you develop the tools, techniques, and skills to more effectively engage, inspire, and teach online.

This isn't your typical online course.

Program Benefits

For educators, by educators

  • Created for educators by a team of real educators (and experienced learning designers)
  • Designed for one purpose—to help teachers, instructors, and professors quickly and effectively teach online

Supported by research

  • Grounded in research and evidence-based practices
  • Practical strategies and techniques
  • Immediately apply what you learn—whether you’re designing an entire course or teaching this afternoon’s class

On-demand, microlearning

  • On-demand, 24/7 accessself-paced for your convenience
  • Organized into 16 easily consumable modules

Earn while you learn

  • Earn one continuing education (CE) credit when you complete all 16 modules and their supporting activities

Learn and share with others

  • Engage with colleagues and others with group-based activities and discussion questions
  • Be inspired by hearing stories and ideas from your peers

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As I talked to my fellow teachers, it was clear they all wanted to be better online teachers, but they didn't know how.

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Does this quote sound familiar?


Research tells us that for online learning to be effective, it must take into account the unique difference between face-to-face learning and online learning. 

From keeping students focused and engaged, to creating important connections and relationships, to adapting formative assessment practices—there are many things that are different about teaching in an online environment and doing it well. 

Because teaching online is so different—and in many ways, harder than what you have ever done your entire career or were even trained to do—we wanted to help you be the best educator you can be and the one that your students need you to be. 

That's why Teach It Online Now was created using the same strategies that it teaches you to incorporate into your online classes/courses.

See what's different about this course.

Still not sure Teach It Online Now is for you (or your staff)?


Whether you teach middle school language arts or Econ 4201, Teach It Online Now can help you more effectively engage, inspire, and teach your students.

Explore our demo—for free, no strings attached—and see what you think.

Make teaching online easier and better. Get started now!