Teaching online is different—and in many ways, harder—than what most educators have done their entire careers. We wanted to help them be the best educators they can be and that their students need them to be.

So, we decided to develop a resource that can help educators be more effective online teachers, instructors, and professors, while also serving as an example of simple, powerful online learning.

Who can benefit from Teach It Online Now?


Ultimately, those who will benefit most will be the students because they'll experience an online learning environment that is engaging, rewarding, and effective.
From an educator standpoint, Teach It Online Now can be used by individual middle school teachers, high school teachers, and college and university professors and instructors. It can also be useful for professional development personnel at all levels of education.
A single educator can sign up and take these courses by him or herself. However—for maximum efficiency and effectiveness—schools, districts, colleges, or universities are encouraged to consider a seat license agreement that allows any or all of their educators to benefit from the course.

Who are the people behind Teach It Online Now?


Teach It Online Now was created and informed by a diverse team of passionate professionals with varying experiences and expertise. Inspired by watching teachers and professors (as peers, parents, and professional partners) struggle through the spring of COVID, they came together to innovate with the desire to be helpful and relevant—and also timely. They were:

  • Educators with over decades of combined classroom experience at the high school and university levels.
  • Learning designers who have developed online and virtual learning curriculum and courses for public schools, private schools, post-secondary institutions, public entities, and the private business sector.
  • Media experts who understand not only the different online tools available to educators but also the importance of developing user experiences that increase engagement and retention.
  • Professional communication practitioners and coaches who work with thought leaders and business executives to more effectively deliver their messages in live face-to-face and virtual environments, as well as pre-recorded situations.



Why did you join the Teach It Online Now team?

"As I talked to my fellow teachers, it was clear they all wanted to be better online teachers, but they didn't know how. I knew that we could impact the lives of these educators and their students if we could create a powerful, succinct, easily digestible course that helps us all pivot from in-classroom to online."

Drew E. | High School Literature Teacher

What do you think is the biggest benefit of Teach It Online Now?

"It's practical. It's not just theoretical. A professor or teacher can start making positive changes to the way they teach after completing just one module."

Ruth Milligan | Adult Educator

What's the one take-away educators should fully realize after completing Teach It Online Now?

"This may sound overly simple, but teaching online is different than teaching face-to-face. Some of the changes are big shifts in the way you do things. Others are little tweaks. But, they are all important. If, as educators, we can all realize these best practices, we can execute them no matter what platform we are using."

Mirriam R. B. Abbott | Associate Professor