Redirecting Attentions: 1 Tip Now


Look, a squirrel... or sibling! 
We know you understand that attention spans are very short in online environments. How do you keep your learners focused from a distance? 

Redirecting Attentions: 1 Tip Now  

You can work WITH your students' attention spans. By breaking down your content into short and manageable "chunks," you can use their natural desire for stimulation to keep them paying attention. 

In between "chunks," you can cycle in an activity, a breakout room, a poll or formative assessment to break-up the teaching and keep your class from seeing those squirrels. 

Today's Inspiration: 

"Reminder: There is no handbook on how to live during this moment in time. You're doing a great job."  - Mel Robbins

These weekly tips are designed to remind and spark you and/or your teaching professionals of the fundamentals to teaching online. Should you want a deep dive into more strategies, check out Teach it Online Now, an on-demand course in 16 micro-learning modules.  

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