The Case of Disappearing Time: 1 Tip Now


In the war between time and content, time always wins. (You can hear that bell now, right?) How do you maximize precious time when online? 

The Case of Disappearing Time: 1 Tip Now

Prioritize the content that can ONLY be accomplished when you and your learners are gathered together. That’s probably any activity in which your learners are actively speaking and participating. 

Consider what parts of your class you can “flip” and “lose the lecture.” Send lessons and learning materials to be digested before the class begins. Then your synchronous time online can be spent on the lively discussion, engaging activities, and creating meaningful connections. 

Today's Inspiration:

"Let your curiosity be greater than your fear."
-Pema Chodron

These weekly tips are designed to remind and spark you and/or your teaching professionals of the fundamentals to teaching online. Should you want a deep dive into more strategies, check out Teach it Online Now, an on-demand course in 16 micro-learning modules.  

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