Any Questions? 1 Tip Now.


Any questions?

In virtual or hybrid teaching we are often having to give instructions to our students asynchronously. It makes it hard to ask, “do you have any questions?” How can you ensure that your instructions can stand alone?

Today's Tip:

Follow subject-verb order.  Reading comprehension is greatest for sentences that place the subject first and the verb second. This order answers two questions directly: the who and the what. 

While this style of writing might not win you any Nobel Prizes, it will pay dividends when your students know exactly what is expected.

Today's Inspiration:

"Don’t spend life daydreaming about ‘what could be.' Invest your energy in what is right in front of you and see how it can be cultivated into something meaningful."

- Aisha Bowe

These weekly tips are designed to remind and spark you and/or your teaching professionals of the fundamentals to teaching online. Should you want a deep dive into more strategies, check out Teach it Online Now, an on-demand course in 16 micro-learning modules.

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